Luxury Lounge Wear - Why is it important?


We have been working so hard to bring to you our first luxury loungewear collection. Although this means we will be phasing out of the current pyjama pieces currently on sale, this is definitely a step in the right direction.  

As you can see the new collection is also at a higher price point than any of our previous products, this is because we are now working with local freelancers (mostly small black owned businesses). This is to support our local business men and women as a pledge to not only celebrate black beauty at the front of our brand but also black excellence behind it. By doing so we are hoping to reinvest the money you spend with us within our communities and build generational wealth. 

All our new pieces will be designed and made in the UK and made to order to reduce wasted inventory. This will also mean that we can cater to more sizes and provide you with more colour options

All our pieces will still be available with the personalisation and each will arrive in fully recyclable packaging to make sure we are also playing our part in being kind to our planet. 

At present we estimate 2-3 weeks from order to delivery due to the products being hand made. Please contact us if you require the order to be expedited as this may be available in some circumstances. 

All feedback and suggestions are more than welcome, contact me by email or Instagram DM. I can't wait to hear from you, your support so far has been incredible, even you taking the time to read this is appreciated. 

I would also love to be able to send you an exclusive as the new pieces become available so please help me by signing up to the mailing list.