About us - Get to know us...

Who are we?


We are a family run business based in the UK.



What do we do?


We own this online retail store and specialise in creating and selling a range of personalised items.



Our values & what is important to us:


Here at VIEM we believe that individuality should be celebrated. Just like a fingerprint, each and everyone of our customers is unique so we set out to start a business which represents that. We wanted to empower our customers to wear a brand which puts them at the forefront without compromising on quality. It was our aim to offer products which are unique in style but fairly sourced and competitively priced.



What does VIEM mean?


Quite simply, VIEM are our the initials. A personalisation business with a personal touch. This also comprises the letters I and E, for the words 'Embroidery' and 'Monogram', which are 2 of the ways we add personalisation to our items. 



Why join us?


We are very passionate about building a community of people who shop, not to fit in but to stand out. We promise to provide an excellent service and aim to produce the highest quality products. In order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction guarantee we advise that you contact us via email (with any inquiries) or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @shopviem.